Blackjack Tournament Strategy


So you’ve got a good grasp of basic blackjack strategy-you’ve studies up on your odds and strategy charts, you understand the rules of blackjack like the back of your hand and you understand how blackjack tournaments work. Where do you go from here? If you want to increase your odds of winning in the next tournament you play in then you will have to learn some more advanced blackjack tournament strategies.

One of the most important parts of advanced strategy is to understand that you are not playing against the dealer-you are playing against the other players. Therefore, focus on beating the other players. Your knowledge of basic strategy is enough to help you decide whether to hit, stand, split or double down. Focus your attention on maximizing your stack of chips.

A lot of blackjack players make the mistake of playing too conservatively early on. Sure, you don’t want to lose all your chips in one fell swoop. However, if you don’t build your bankroll enough you won’t make it to the next round and that’s almost as bad as risking your entire stack and losing. Make sure to pay attention to the other players at your table. See how big their stacks are and what kind of bets they are placing. Then, place your bets accordingly. If possible, try to avoid going all in and betting everything at once. However, if that’s the only thing that will get you to the next round then take the risk. Better to try and fail than not to try at all and be eliminated at the end of the round with a small stack of chips.

You can adjust your betting patterns based on what’s going on with the other players at the table. That’s called risk management. For instance, if you are well ahead of everyone else you can take it easy. You have no need to take big risks that could result in a big hit to your bankroll until other players are approaching you. However, if you are falling behind in the chip count you should swing ahead with a big bet in the hopes of making up the difference between your bankroll and the bankrolls of your competitors.

By learning to manage your money and your risk, in addition to your basic blackjack tournament strategies, you can greatly increase your odds of winning in tournament play.

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