Guilty silence!!


A few years ago, Harvard University studied the shuffling of cards and concluded that one pack of 52 sorted cards needed 7 shuffles. So, if a casino uses a shuffling machine with 6 packs of cards.

To achieve a good assortment, the packs must be shuffled 7×7×7×7×7×7=117.649 times!

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It’s practically unobtainable in good time, because it takes days for this slowing down games at casinos and limits their gain.
This is why casinos promote this Basic Strategy, used now for 40 years, which is the result of mathematical study supported by the idea that cards are shuffled. From the moment proven that the cards are not shuffled, under general circumstances basic strategic has no value, it’s just a simple interesting study on the theory of numbers.

What actually happens in the card pack?


The phenomenon of groups is surely created, i.e if we shuffle and deal in line 6 card packs (try this!) we will see that the total of 312 cards has made two different groups big (10,K,Q,J,A) and small (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) in which the length of each group in one phenomenon group is something which undoughtably encourages study.

The reaction in a game either destroys or creates sure wins for dealer or player

If we assume that both play with a steady step (dealer usually draws cards until he totals 17-21). The player to turn the new facts in his requires 2 weapons. The first one is a new strategy and secondly an appropriate economical system of management of his money.

The BlackjackASSUS deals with number theory and arranges practical applications, creating innovative PRODUCTS. Initially creating a software ALGORITHMOS 1.0 (studying the character of card packs when shuffled).

Algorithmos Pic.3
Algorithmos 1.0

It has the ability to make 1.000.000 hands in less than 15 seconds each time, having the ability to remove or replace card packs (choice of 1-30 card packs) to choose at which total cards will stop, to study card sets and determine a strategy which gives an advantage of at least 1,5% to player.
A long-term study was required to manufacture an Algorithm of chance, which would shuffle perfectly a pack of cards and after draw. This Algorithm was manufactured and became the heart of software.

It is the first time worldwide, where the rake is in favour of the player with a very high percentage!

The BlackjackASSUS has already invested in the purchase of Algorithmos 1.0 in form of CD together with the strategy that comes from this and gains in favour of the player. It has also proceeded with the manufacture of a second Algorithmos 2.0 and through this managed to study the length of phenomenon of groups and concur in a Flow Strategy of which in combination with the New Strategy develops an advantage 5,12%!!! in favor of the player!