Prospects Of Algorithmos 1.0

This astonishing program has unlimited applications. Some of these are:
The board of the Casino’s Basic Strategy is being verified by the program with extreme precision. The Dealer draws even from 16.He stops drawing when the sum that he reaches for the first time, varies from “17” up to “21”. This Casino’s strategy proves that our program is the most profitable alternative! If the Casino stopped from the “16” or even the “18”it would have in both cases, a deficit of profits!!! “Algorithmos 1.0” shows the percentage % of each sum, that the dealer achieves with accuracy of many decimal digits.

The program’s potential exceeds the Casino’s selected strategy. In the “Draw Up To” (Pic.2) mode we can choose to stop drawing even at a sum of “12” with analysis of all the sums from”12″ up to “21”, or even with the analysis of our total sum(in percentage) of our burnt leaves. Based on the percentages of sums from “12” up to “21” we can select our own tactical development of the game.

At the same time, the “Use Decks” (Pic.3) mode gives us the possibility of using from 1 up to 30 decks, depending on our will!!! Each Casino uses different amount of decks in its “shoe”. Usually, Casinos use 4 or 5 or 6 decks of cards.

The most significant advantage of the program is that through its ” Depleting Decks ” (Pic.4) mode ,it can use the decks until they are entirely unbinded from the” Shoe “.Moreover, through the ” Infinite Decks ” (Pic.5) mode, it can reposition after each game, all the cards that were used in the decks shuffling box. This last and most important mode helps in the comprehension of the shuffling machines. The program proves that the percentages of success,with the use of shuffling machines are differentiated considerably by the old traditional system of “Shoe” which leaves also the possibility of one efficient card counting.Moreover, the amazement of the fortuity (randomness) of the shuffling of decks algorithm is being verified, since (“infinite decks mode”) the results are not differentiated more than 0,5%.

We can also determine the allotment (distribution) of the deck, something that influences considerably to the way of playing.At the same time we have the selections of the cards that we wish to be shuffled. Every time we make a ” Remove Card “ (Pic 6) mode from the boxes (each of which contains a single card),e.g.”5″, then these cards immediately disappear from our deck!
The results of this idea are astonishing! A simple example is the discovery (from our program) of the following peculiarity: if we select all the boxes 10,J,Q,K,then none of the ten points cards is being played in our game. This effect is excessively minimal (in the long run), to the sum of cards that give “21”!! Astonishing!! None of the 10, J, Q, or K, has significant value, in order to result the “21”. This of course does not mean that the sums “20, 19, 18, 17” are not altered by the withdrawal of the in the shuffling box. More specifically the percentages are decreased by far, in the sums, when ten point cards are absent. However, the combinations of the strategic choices are numerous and the program at your disposal to materialise all kinds of cunning tricks, to help you obtain an advantage of concrete precision and accuracy against the Dealer. So Algorithmos 1.0 it is!


Installation and Registration of Algorithmos

When you insert the Algorithmos 1.0 CD in your CD-ROM Drive the Autorun application will initialize.From the main menu of the application click Setup.exe to begin the Algorithmos 1.0 installation.If the Autorun function is disabled for your CD-ROM Drive you can browse the contents of the CD and click Autorun.exe.
When the installation of Algorithmos 1.0 has finished you can run the application by clicking the newly created shortcut on your desktop or by running ALGORITHMOS 1.0.exe from within the installation folder. All Algorithmos 1.0 functions are initially locked.
To activate your copy of the application you will have to send email to for give to you the serial number.
Then, you will have to enter enter this serial number in the Register tab and start using your application!

WARNING!! The application and the serial number given to you are uniquely connected to your PC, the application can’t operate in any PC, other than that of the first installation. Please keep the serial number generated for you,safely. For the installation end execution of the Algorithmos 1.0 application, the Microsoft.NET Framework Version 1.1 is required. If it is not already installed in your PC you can install it by clicking the dotnetfx.exe file from the Support folder in the CD.