General Terms of Transaction



Each Application is accompanied by the following Licence of Use:



1. Object of Contract

Object of this contract is the computer program and the instructions of use contained in the institution of data, as well as remaining material in written form (Software). Buying the present Software, you acquire property only on the natural institutions of data and written material. Beyond this, you are granted with the right to use the Software under the terms of use that are reported in the present contract.

The program of computer and the instructions of use are protected from the
right of intellectual property (copyright) and the right of signals

2. Range Of Use

You are being provided with the simple, not exclusive, not terminal and individual right (Licence), to use the attached program of computer
simultaneously only in one computer, or in a single terminal computer inside a network. For simultaneous multiple use of the program, the purchase of additional authorisations of use is required. You are permitted to make a copy of safety of the program, provided that such precaution is required for the guarantee of its future use. The modification or editing of the Software are not allowed. The reproduction and distribution of Software or his processed departments under any form and by any means are also prohibited.

3. Special restrictions

The reverse dubbing of the code of the program is prohibited, in any case. Commercial signals, observations on the intellectual rights and remaining observations on reserves of rights that are contained in the program or in the accompanying material should not be modified or removed. The free offer, hiring and lending of the Software are strictly prohibited. The transfer of Software in third persons is allowed only in its initial form and as a total along with the present contract of concession of issuing. The transfer of Software involves the transfer of all rights of use of the present contract to the new user. In case of transfer all the complete or even certain copies of program as well as the modified and processed publications or copies, complete and certain, that are produced from these should be erased immediately and entirely or be destroyed in a different way. This applies to any safety copy.

4. Guarantee of quality

The present Software is provided according to the running level of growth and was created based on recognized rules of programming. It is pointed out that it is not possible for programs of computer to be developed in such way, so that faults in all conditions of use, are not presented. Any defective versions of the program are to be replaced immediately. The holder of the licence brings the exclusive responsibility for the selection, installation and usage, as well as for the results that these involve.

5. Statements of the holder of the licence of use

The Holder of the licence of use is compelled to demonstrate the computer in which the Application is installed, if and whenever he is asked to. The holder of the licence of use declares that she agrees to the terms of use of the present contract of concession of use.