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How many times have you played Basic Strategy and lost all your capital rapidly?

How many times have you won and how many times have you lost while playing precisely the Basic Strategy?

Basic Strategy plights that if you precily apply it during your game,you will lose in long-term only 1% of your money.But how much is long-term?Most likely when t extends to infinity (t>oo)…

And how many years live an average person?
Eventually we could assume that the Basic Strategy was established to be using by Aliens who live eternal…
It is said that probably the condition long-term of Basic Strategy means a definite time as it is proved by computers.But computers can shuffle the decks infinite times while casinos can’t do that.
A few years ago, Harvard University studied the shuffling of cards
* (primary assortmentand is:

Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,Α,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K )
and concluded that one pack of 52 sorted cards needed 7 shuffles (constant). So, if a casino uses a shuffling machine with 6 packs of cards to achieve a good assortment, the packs must be shuffled 77777*7=117.649 times.

It’s practically unobtainable in good time, because it takes days for this slowing down games at casinos and limits their gain.

So casinos can’t avoid the appearance of the ”pack phainomenon”!

The Basic Strategy necessitates infinite shuffles of the decks (shuffle machines can’t do it practically) to achieve chance setting of the cards,and infinite time to apply the Law Of Large Numbers.Casinos rely in the above condition playing 24 hours a day with a inexhaustible capital!!That’s why Casinos win constantly,because Basic Strategy is the certain way for a player to lose all his money rapidly!!
The question is how we could turn to advantage the “packs phainomenon”…How can we manipulate these capricious distributions of the decks?If we only could (in a way) “make” these distributions and thereafter seek for the appropriate strategy that will turn to account the prospects of our cards and dealer’s card. That is exactly what our program do!!It “makes” any distribution of the decks and demonstrates the odds of our success in a definite time:
• You don’t have to remember numbers.
• You don’t have to practice constantly, it’s
ֺ easy in it’s use!
• You don’t need to strain effort ֺ just clever way!
• It shows precily the array of the cards that
ֺ appear!
• It simulates any Casino without regard to ֺthe number of decks that it uses.
• It’s versatile in any financial ֺ strategy of the player!
• It rejects Basic Strategy!
• It’s based in a stunning random algorithm
ֺ that generates numbers!
• The first Program worldwide that ֺ simulates the Black Box (shuffles ֺthe cards with replacement)ֺand the “Shoe” (withought ֺreplacement)!
• It has accuracy of many digital numbersֺ in it’s results with percentage %!
• It draws up to 1,000,000 times and
ֺ uses 1-30 decks in a few seconds!!
• It has simple apearance and use!
• It has small size (2 MB), but fast in it’s results!

The BlackjackASSUS occupies exclusively with the discovery of new theories and concepts in the Theory Of Numbers,which is the capstone of Maths (as it’s called by the scientific community) and by extension Blackjack,which the only technical and not lucky game in the Casinos.

Really, Blackjack conceals so much science in it’s depth that verges art…

Glossary of blackjack terms


Blackjack: Name of game, also known as 21.

Anchorman Third Baseman: The player who sits on the last   chair and plays card last.One initial card with two cards (one Ace and one of 10 points -10 or picture-), which gives 3:2 of the bet placed by player.

Chips: Roundlike coins given by the   casino in exchange for money, to be used in the game.

Dealer: An employee of the casino who is responsible for BLACKJACK game at table. He deals cards, accepts and pays out on bets.

Doubling down: Double of player’s initial bet, who is to receive only one more card.

Ten points card: Ten points or picture card, value of ten points.

Twenty one: Another name of the game BLACKJACK.

Dangerous card: Any card which may bust (or burn). Like a  hard 12-16 (taking over 21).

Hole card: The face down card of the dealer.

Insurance: A bet made by the player when the dealer shows his first card   as Ace. This bet wins if the dealer makes BLACKJACK (and rest of the players bets lose).

Bust (or burn): When card is taken and more than 21 is calculated on hand.   Player or dealer lose.

Burning of card: The removal of the first card from the dealer in first round, before dealing begins.

Soft total/card: Cards that contain an Ace that is counted as eleven.

Card count: Observation of cards that have been already played. This is very difficult when a game is played with 6 sets of cards, but does happen in casinos.

Natural: Term meaning BLACKJACK. Many sets:
The use of more than one set of cards for BLACKJACK in casino.

Push: Tie between dealer and player, so money does not change hands.

Round: A full round in game so that all players and dealer plays their cards.

Shoe: A box containing 4-6 sets of cards which dealer uses for BLACKJACK etc.

Hard card: Total of players cards which don?t include an Ace, or include other countable as unit (not as 11).

Splitting pairs: Separation of two cards even value (e.g two eights) so they can be played as separate cards.

Standing, Standing Pat: Not taking other cards.

Upcard: The face up card of dealer which players see before playing their own cards.

Card/Hand: The total of cards which one player holds and will play with.

First Baseman: The player who is dealt first and plays first.Usually seated in the first seat at the table

Hit and draw: The taking of more cards for the initial card.

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